Community Lab 

Welcome to the Lab! It is designed to make sure Jenah St. grows in sync with your desires. Your opinion counts and will influence strategic decisions and the development of our new collections.


The new collection is about to launch! 

Unlock your access to the Community Lab private sale.

What for?

  • Actively take part in the adventure to help Jenah St. stay a pioneer in conscious fashion. 
  • Receive exclusive generous discounts on our new products. 
  • Receive invitations to attend our showroom events and private sales.

Our Goal 

We want to achieve 100% circularity with our collection's lifecycle. For that we need to keep innovating to reduce our environmental impact with your help. We are currently moving towards a 100% plant-based material and we can only make it with your support. 

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Meet The Founder

Help us prove that a company with strong values can truly scale and live in harmony with the environment and all living beings. 
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